ANIMAL TEST ROOM (Animal Health Research Center)

ANIMAL TEST ROOM (Animal Health Research Center)

The concept of Making Animal Test Room is to have laboratory biosafety in which the physical containment of highly pathogenic Organisms or agents (bacteria, viruses and toxins) is required.
Usually by Isolating Animal Cages, Animal Food Storage Area, Animal Operating Area, Animal Cages Cleaning Area will prevent accidental Infection of workers or release in to the surrounding community during scientific research.
TS will provide a Safe & Functional Animal Test Room for User to proceed for Research Activity.
Primary Containment: Area which is in direct contact with Biohazards Material. Our objective is to protect personnel and the immediate Laboratory environment from exposure to infectious agents.
Secondary Containment: The protection of the environment external to the laboratory from exposure to infectious materials. TS will Provide combination of facility design and operational practices.

Type of Research Activity in Animal Health Research Center:

. Development (Toxicology, Product Testing etc.)
. Discovery (Basic Research, Applied Research)
. Regulatory Control (GLP / Non GLP)

. Mammals: Rodents, Lagomorphs, Large Animals
. Aquatic : Marine & Fresh Water Animals
. Insects

Scope of Work (Varies from Project to Project)

Design (Plan Layout, Elevations, 2D & 3D)
. Engineering Drawings
. Civil Works (Walls, Tiles, Doors, Windows, Ceiling, Flooring)
. HVAC (As per Engineering drawing)
. Mechanical Electric & Plumbing works (MEP)
. Animal Cages, Cage Washing Unit (As per the layout)
. Animal Food Storage Ventilated Cabinets (As per the Layout)
. Bio Safety Cabinet (Operating Animal for Research)
. Water Purification System (For Inlet water)
. Lab. Effluent Decontamination System (For Drain Water)
. Power Backup System (Generator / UPS etc.)
. Building Management System (BMS)
. Controls & Monitors (Light, Temperature, Humidity, Fire, Lab. Visualization, Door etc.)
. Integration (All Components integration as per Project Execution Plan)
. Testing & Commissioning (Internal inspection as per International inspection protocol)
. Certification (Internal Certification as per International Protocol)
. Training (Good Lab. Practice training to End user)